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Національні символи, традиції та свята Сполучених Штатів Америки

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НазваНаціональні символи, традиції та свята Сполучених Штатів Америки
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Розробка уроку в 7 класі

Вчителя англійської мови Свердловського ліцею №1 Курілової А. О.

Тема : Національні символи, традиції та свята Сполучених Штатів Америки.

Практичні задачі:

організувати діалогічне мовлення учнів під час екскурсії до минулого США;

розвивати навички монологічного мовлення учнів під час бесіди про національні символи США;

організувати читання тексту “Thanksgiving Day” з метою розуміння його змісту.

Загальноосвітні задачі:

розширяти загальний кругозір учнів; збагачувати духовний світ дитини; формувати знання про американську культуру; залучати до діалогу культур.

Розвиваючі задачі:

розвивати різні види пам’яті (слухову, зорову, тривалу), увагу, мовленнєву реакцію, готовність вступати в англомовне спілкування під час роботи на уроці, поглибити знання учнів про історію, символи, традиції та свята США.

Виховні задачі:

виховувати культуру спілкування, прищеплювати почуття поваги , позитивне ставлення до культури США.


Підручник з англійської мови для 7 класу шкіл із поглибленим вивченням англійської мови. Welcome to English Study. – стор. 188-190, малюнки учнів, карта Сполучених Штатів Америки, календар американських свят, американська символіка, дидактичні матеріали.

Хід уроку

  1. Початок уроку

  1. Оргмомент. Привітання.

T: Good afternoon, class. Nice to see you. Are you in high spirits? Are you fine?

So, let’s start our lesson.

  1. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу

First of all, let’s have some sound drills.

Let’s train sounds [ju:] – [u:] and [t] in the following tongue twister:

A tutor who tooted a flute tried to teach two young tooters to toot.

Good. It’s nice. And now look at these sayings:

East or West, Home is best.

So many countries so many customs.

First impressions are the most lasting.

Give the Russian or Ukrainian equivalents of these proverbs.

How can you comment on them? Use them in your own situations.

  1. Повідомлення задач уроку

The theme of our today’s lesson is “The National Symbols, traditional holidays of the USA”

Today at the lesson you ‘ll get a lot of interesting facts from the history of the USA, we’ll talk about its national symbols, traditions and holidays in order to be able to share your knowledge with your brothers, sisters and friends, to compare their symbols and holidays with the British or Ukrainian ones.

But before speaking about the symbols and holidays, let’s make a journey-excursion into the past of the USA and overturn the main pages of its history and come to know who were the first inhabitants in the territory of the USA.

  1. Основна частина уроку



Project tasks:

At home you had your project tasks. And now, we are eager to listen to you and return to the past. So, the 1st group. You are welcome: let’s start our journey.


PI: Dear friends, imagine a time many thousands of years ago. A group of hunters came to a huge unexplored land. They were the first people in America. They settled in all parts of the land. Different groups developed different languages and customs. So, before the first Europeans came to North America there were people living there who had red skin. The white men called them Red men or Indians.

P2: Tell me, please, were the Indian tribes united?

PI: No, they were never united, because their life was different in different parts of the country.

P2: And what about the style of their life? What did they grow and eat?

P3: In the woods of the north - east there were many animals and fish in the rivers. The Indians hunted and fished. They also grew corns for their food. In the south, the Indians grew tobacco, which was new to the white men. In the west there were many Buffaloes . These animals gave the Indians meat and skins, from which they made clothes and covered their houses - the wigwams.

PI: What did the Indian wigwams look like, I wonder?

P2: None of the Indians wigwams had chimneys or windows.

A hole in the roof was supposed to let out the smoke and to let in the light on rainy days, when the smoke was very bad, everybody in the wigwams lay with his face to the ground. It is no wonder that the Indians did as much cooking as possible in the open air.

P3: Who knows when the whites visited America? 

Group 2:

P4: White men had visited America nearly 500 years before Columbus arrived. About the year 1000 a strange ship came to the eastern coast of North America. It was very long and had many oars and a square sail. A face-looking dragon was in front.

And can you say a few words about those men in the ship?

P5: The men in the ship had long golden hair, blue eyes and fair skins. They wore armour and carried shields and spears. The men were Norse-men; they lived in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The called themselves “Vikings”.

I wonder, who is considered the discoverer of America?

Group 3:

P6: Three countries of Europe were interested in the discovery of America. They were Spain, France and England. Spain sent Christopher Columbus to discover a new way to the East. He was a famous Italian explorer. In 1486 Columbus came to Spain and got a chance to explain his idea to king Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Some people laughed at Columbus and advised the king not to spend money on such plans. It was Queen Isabella who thought his plan worth trying. Columbus was provided with three small ships the “Santa Maria”, the “Pinta” and the “Nina”.

But I wonder, which of these ships reached the coast the first?

P7: That happened on the 12th of October, 1494. the “Santa Maria” came to an anchor and Columbus went ashore. He didn’t know he had found a new world, he thought it was Asia.

P6: And what about English? When did they travel to America?

P8: In November 1620, a small ship, the “Mayflower”, left England. There were 100 people aboard the ship, who were running away from the cruelty of the king. For 7 long weeks the “Mayflower” was in waves and storms of the Atlantic Ocean, and at last people saw land. It was America. They went ashore. They were looking for a good place to live. By January 1621, there were already 2 streets in the village, and they called it New Plymouth.

T.: Thank you.

ЗАДАЧА 2 : Бесіда про національні символи США

Let’s recollect the main facts about the United States of America as a country. Let’s do it by chain: one pupil say his sentence, other repeat it and add his sentence (5-7 pupils) (like SNOWBALL)

And now look at the poster. These are the main national symbols of the USA:

PUPILS’ REPORTS ABOUT: (див. текст додатку)

  1. The flag of the USA (exercise 6, page 190)

  2. The Statue of Liberty (exercise 10, page 194)

  3. The National Emblem

  4. The National Anthem (the Anthem of the USA sounds from the recorder)

  5. The National Motto of the USA

ЗАДАЧА 3 . Календар свят США

(exercise 4, page 188-189)

And now as we’ve got acquainted with the national symbols of the USA, it will be interesting to know about the customs, traditions and holidays of the country. We spoke about traditions and holidays at the previous lessons and the girls had the task to make the calendar of the holidays of the USA. So, let’s have a look and see what are the most popular holidays in the country.


And what American holiday has no analogy with Ukrainian Holidays?

It’s Thanksgiving Day which is not celebrated in our country.

Would you like to know some facts about the celebration of this holiday?

One pupil recite the poem “Thanksgiving day” (exercise 6, page 189)


  1. Зняття фонетичних, лексичних та граматичних труднощів:

Thanksgiving -вдячність

Thanksgiving day – офіційне свято пам’яті перших колоністів Масачусетса

To sign - підписувати

Meeting house – молитовний дім

To establish - засновувати

Blessing - благословлення

Involve - включати

Stuffing - начинка

Dessert - десерт

Cranberry – журавлина

Let’s train how to pronounce these words.

Pre-reading Activity

Look through the text and try to find the given words

Reading Activity

Read the text to yourselves, paying attention to the new words, be ready to discuss the text.

Post-reading Activity


1) What is the oldest American holiday?

2) What is the origin of Thanksgiving day?

3) When do American people celebrate it?

4) Where do they go on that day?

5) What do they give thanks to God for?

6) What song do they sing on that day?

7) What is served on the Thanksgiving day table?

8) What does a traditional Thanksgiving dinner include?

9) What is the most favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

10) What games are played on Thanksgiving Day?

  1. Fill in the gaps with the necessary words:

  1. Thanksgiving day is one of the most holidays.

  2. It is celebrated on the of November.

  3. It was declared by in 1941.

  4. On that day people God for plentiful crops.

  5. Usually people on that holiday.

  6. Traditional Thanksgiving dinner consists of .

  1. Word games Jumbled Letters

Т.: I think it’s time for Thanksgiving games:

  1. muppink (pumpkin)

  2. pagrarendnts (grandparents)

  3. ancrerbry (cranberry)

  4. ejyll (jelly) желе

  5. yadiohl (holiday)

6. Thanksgiving wordsearch (по групах)

Who will be the first

Good, thank you for your work





















  1. Заключна частина уроку

  1. Підведення підсумків уроку

During today’s lesson we have:

Learned about…

Reviewed the material about…




Got acquainted with…

Found out…


  1. Оцінювання діяльності учнів

  2. Повідомлення домашнього завдання

At home you are to prepare your reports about 2 American holidays with illustrations.

Thank you for participating in the lesson.

The National Flag of the USA

The “Stars and Stripes” is the most popular name for the USA national flag. No one knows where this name came from but ’we know the origin of several other names. Another popular name is the “Star-Spangled Banner”. A lawyer Francis Scott Key first called the US flag the Star-Spangled Banner in 1814. He wrote a poem that later became the national anthem.

The third name of the flag is “Old Glory”. A sea captain William Driver gave such name to the flag in 1824. He made a voyage with it around the world. It was the present of his mother and some friends.

The symbolism of the USA flag

I. 13 red and white stripes mean original colonies, which in 1776 declared their independence from Great Britain.

2.50 stars mean 50 states today.

3. Red colour is for courage, white is for purity, blue is for justice.

The National Anthem of the USA

The national anthem of the USA is called the “Star-Spangled Banner”. It was written by the lawyer Francis Scott Key in 1814 during his trip to Baltimore. Congress adopted it as the national anthem in 1931. In 1917 Irving Berlin wrote “God Bless America”. For many years it was considered America’s unofficial anthem.

The Great Seal of the USA In 1782 the bald eagle was chosen as the national bird of the USA. American leaders chose the bald eagle as the symbol of their country because it’s the bird of strength and courage and it was found all over North America, in one claw he holds an olive branch with 13 olives and 13 leaves, in the other - 13 arrows. The arrows and the olive branch represent strength and peace. In his beak there is a scroll with Latin phrase: “E PLURIBVS UNUM” meaning “out of many, one”. It means that out of 13 colonies one nation came.

The National Motto of the USA

The national motto of the USA is “In God We Trust”, It was adopted in 1956. You can see these words in all American paper bills.


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