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Україна. Херсон. Подорож містом”
Практичне заняття №1

Тема: Географічне розташування та політична система України.

Граматичний матеріал: Тривалі часи англійської мови.

Читання та обговорення тексту за вказаною темою:

Ukraine is a sovereign state with its own territory and its bodies of state power and government. It also has national emblem: state flag and anthem. Ukraine proclaimed its independence on August 24, 1991, and confirmed this status on December 1st of the same year. The country is situated in the south-eastern part of Central Europe. It covers the area of 604,000 square kilometres. The territory of Ukraine consists of the Autonomy Republic of Crimea and 24 regions. Ukraine is inhabited by people belonging to more than 110 ethnic groups. The population of Ukraine is nearly 50 million people. It borders on Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the west and on Romania and Moldova in the southwest. Its northern neighbour is Byelarus and the eastern one is Russia. The territory of Ukraine is mostly flat and mountains make up only 5% of its territory (there are the Carpathian Mountains in the west and the Crimean Mountains in the south). The climate of Ukraine is moderate. The main rivers of Ukraine are the Dnipro, the Dnister, the Buh and Donets and others. The Dnipro is the main river in the country. It’s one of the longest rivers in the world. Ukraine is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov and has such important ports as Odesa, Mariupol, Mykojaiv, and Kherson. The geographical position of Ukraine is favourable, because the country lies on the crossroad of the ways from Asia to Europe. Like any other country in the world Ukraine has big cities; among them are Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine; Kharkiv, which used to be the capital of Ukraine and now it’s an important industrial and cultural centre; Donetsk is a coal-mining and chemical centre; Odesa is a big sea-port; Lviv is a large scientific and cultural centre and a lot of others. Due to favourable climatic conditions, Ukraine is traditionally an agricultural country. Wheat and corns, all kinds of fruit are grown here. The country is rich in national resources, such as iron ore, coal, gas. It produces planes and ships, lorries and buses, TV and radio-sets and other goods.

The Structure of Ukrainian Government

Ukrainian powers of government are divided into three branches: the legislative, which consists oi the Verkhovna Rada, the executive, headed by the President, and the judicial, which is led by the Supreme Court. The President is the head of Ukraine. He is elected for a term of five years with no more than two full terms.

The Verkhovna Rada’s main function is making laws. Law drafting work is performed by its Committees. The Verkhovna Rada adopts the State Budget for the period from January 1 till December 31 and controls the execution of it. The monetary unit of our country is the Hryvnia.

The Cabinet of Ministers is the highest body of the executive power. It carries out the fulfillment of the Constitution, as well as the acts of the President, develops and fulfills national programs on the economic, technological and cultural development of Ukraine. The only body of the legislative power in Ukraine is the Parliament. There are 450 people’s deputies. They are elected for a term of four years on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot.
The Constitution of Ukraine

The Constitution of Ukraine was proclaimed and confirmed on June 28 1996, by Verkhovna Rada. According to it Ukraine is the sovereign, independent, democratic and legal state. Ukraine is a Unitarian state with single citizenship.

The state language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. The state symbols of our country are the National Emblem, the National Flag and the National Anthem of Ukraine. The National Emblem is a golden Tryzub on a blue Shield. The National Flag is a cloth with two equal horizontal stripes, the upper coloured blue and the lower golden yellow.

The land, air space, mineral resources, water and other resources are objects of the property right of the Ukrainian people. Ukraine is the republic. The people are the only source of power which is exercised directly and through the bodies of state power and legal self-governments. The Constitution of Ukraine establishes the country’s political system, freedoms and duties of citizens and is the basis for its laws.
Граматичний матеріал: Тривалі часи (Continuous Tenses).
На відміну від часів групи Indefinite, які вживаються для вираження дії стосовно теперішнього, минулого або майбутнього часу, не вказуючи на характер перебігу дії, часи групи Continuous виражають дію як процес, тобто дію, що відбувається (триває) в момент мовлення або в теперішній період часу (Present Continuous), тривала в якийсь момент чи період часу в минулому (Past Continuous), триватиме в певний момент чи період у майбутньому (Future Continuous). У додаткових підрядних реченнях після дієслів to say, to tell, to think та інші у минулому часі замість Future Continuousвживається Future Continuous in the Past.

Оскільки тривала форма виражає незакінчену дію, вона перекладається на українську мову дієслівними формами недоконаного виду.

Часи групи Continuous утворюються з відповідних часів групи Indefinite допоміжного дієслова to be та дієприкметника теперішнього часу (Present Participle) основного дієслова.

Практичне заняття № 2

Тема: Інтеграція України до Європейського Союзу. Київ.

Граматичний матеріал: Теперішній тривалий час (Present Continuous)

Читання та обговорення тексту за вказаною темою:

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It has a long history. And this makes Kyiv stand out among other cities. In 1982 its 1.500th anniversary was celebrated in the country. It was called “The Mother of All Russian Cities”. Kyiv bears the name of prince Kyi.

Kyiv is the seat of the Supreme Court and Cabinet of Ministers. Its population is about 3 million. Kyiv occupies an area of 790 square kilometres. The city lies on both banks of the Dnipro.

Kyiv is the largest centre of national culture. A lot of concert-halls, fifteen museums, palaces of culture, film studios, the circus make Kyiv a large cultural centre in Ukraine. The Kyiv Shevchenko Opera and Ballet House, the Kyiv Fran-ko Drama Theatre are well-known all over the world. Museum of Books and Book Printing, museums devoted to dramatic and film art, memorial museums devoted to outstanding personalities are situated in Kyiv.

Kyiv is also one of the biggest scientific centres. The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and many research institutes are famous for its discoveries. More than 10000 students study at the Shevchenko National University. There are over 20 higher educational establishments in Kyiv.

Kyiv is famous for its beauty, for its wonderful broad avenues, lots of chestnut trees and flowers all over the city. A remarkable feature of our time is that people travel a lot. Those who are fond of visiting historical and cultural places usually dwell their choice on ancient cities. The older the city is the more places of interest it has. That’s why Kyiv is quite an interesting place from this view point. Tourists are attracted by numerous places of interest in Kyiv. They are Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, and the Golden

Gate, the monuments to T. G. Shevchenko, the great poet of Ukraine, to Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Prince Volodymyr.

Kyiv has a well-developed industry. Its factories and plants produce sea and river transport vessels, air liners, computers, motorcycles, consumer goods.
Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Ukraine has wide relations with Canada, the USA, Great Britain and many other countries of the world. Recently a great number of various joint ventures and economic, cultural and political projects have appeared in Ukraine.

Our specialists in different scientific fields improve their qualification abroad. We also have programmes of students’ and schoolchildren’s exchange. English, Canadian and American children visit Ukrainian families go to Ukrainian schools, while Ukrainian children stay at their host families abroad.

These exchange programmes help us to understand each other better, to study culture and traditions of other countries. A lot of Ukrainians have emigrated to Great Britain. That’s why in 1947 the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain was founded. This association has some Help Funds that sponsor different important actions. The association gives help to the Ukrainian students who study in British Universities. The same associations and societies exist in many other countries. I’d like to say that many people who are Ukrainian by origin live in Canada. Many of the Ukrainians living now in Canada and other English-speaking countries don’t lose connections with Ukraine. A lot of public organizations, educational establishments, religious organizations make considerable contribution to the development of our culture, literature and art. By the by, Canada was the first among the western states that recognized the state independence of Ukraine. From year to year the number of spheres of our relations with the countries abroad grow.
Ukraine and English-speaking Countries

Now Ukraine is a sovereign state. Ukraine is one of the members of the United Nations Organization and participates in the work of many international organizations. We have wide relations with Canada, the USA and Great Britain. Foreign Embassies of these countries work in Kyiv.

Scientific cooperation is also very important. Cooperations in culture, education and sport are very important too. We exchange students and teachers with Canada and the USA. The Ukrainian orchestras, pop and opera singers, ballet dancers are warmly received. A lot of tourists from English-speaking countries visit Ukraine every year.

We have some joint political projects with the United States of America and Canada. Such big plants of ours as Cherkasy joint-stock company «Azot», Gorlovka chemical plant «Stirol» sell their products at international market.
Граматичний матеріал: Теперішній тривалий час

(Present Continuous/Progressive).

Present Continuous утворюється з допоміжного дієслова to beв Present Indefinite та дієприкметника теперішнього часу (Present Participle) основного дієслова.

Present Participle утворюється додаванням закінчення –ing до інфінітива основного дієслова без частки to:

Read + ing = reading

Work + ing = working

Стверджувальная форма Present Continuous:

I am working (I’m working).

He is working (He’s working).

She is working (She’s working).

It is working (It’s working).

We are working (We’re working).

You are working (You’re working).

They are working (They’re working).

*у дужках подано скорочені форми, що вживаються в усному мовленні.

У питальній формі допоміжне дієслово ставиться перед підметом:

Are the boys playing chess? – Хлопці грають у шахи зараз?

Is she working in the garden? – Вона зараз працює у саду?

What are you doing? – Що ти робиш зараз?

У заперечній формі після допоміжного дієслова вживається частка not:

The girls are not singing. – Дівчата зараз не співають.

У питально-заперечних реченнях допоміжне дієслово ставиться перед підметом, а частка not– після підмета:

Am I not preparing for my examinations? – Хіба я наготуюсь до своїх іспитів?

Також дозволяється використовувати скорочену форму isn’t, aren’t замість isnot, arenot:

She isn’t listening in. – Вона зараз не слухає.

Why aren’t you working? – Чому ти не працюєш?

Present Continuous вживається для вираження дії, що відбувається в момент мовлення:

Why are you crying? – Чому ти плачеш?

You are not listening to me? – Ти не слухаєш мене.

Present Continuous вживається для вираження тривалої дії, що відбувається в певний період теперішнього часу, хоч і не обов’язково в момент мовлення:

“What are you doing here in Kyiv?” – «Що ви робите тут, у Києві?»

“I’m studying at the University.” – «Я вчуся в університеті.»

Present Continuous вживається для вираження тривалої дії, що відбувається одночасно з іншою дією, яка відноситься до теперішнього часу:

I am only happy when I am working. – Я щасливий лише тоді, коли працюю.

Present Continuous (як і Present Indefinite) вживається для вираження запланованої майбутньої дії, особливо з дієсловами, що означають рух: to go– іти; to come– приходити; to leave– від’їжджати; to arrive– прибувати; та інші. У цьому разі обов’язково вживаються обставини часу:

We’re flying to Paris in the morning. – Вранці ми відлітаємо до Парижа.

Is he coming tonight? – Він прийде сьогодні ввчечері?

Дієслово to go Present Continuous з інфінітивом іншого дієслова означає намір виконати дію в найближчому майбутньому або надіє їй відтінку обов’язковості, неминучості виконання дії, позначеної інфінітивом:

I am going to speak. – Я буду говорити.

He is going to be a teacher. – Він збирається бути вчителем.

Ex. 1. Rachel is in the computer room at college. Complete her conversation with Andrew. Put in a Present Continuous form of the verb.

Andrew: What …are you doing ? (you / do)

Rachel: I …. am writing (I / write) a letter to a friend. He's a disc jockey. Vicky and I

(1)...........................................(try) to organize a disco.

Andrew: That sounds a lot of work. How (2)...........................................(you / find) time for your studies?

Rachel: Well, as I said, Vicky (3)...........................................(help) me. (4).......................................................(we / get) on all right. (5)...........................................

(we / not / spend) too much time on it. (6)...........................................(it / not / take) me away from my studies, don't worry about that. Oh, sorry, (7).................................................................................................................

(you / wait) for this computer?

Andrew: Yes, but there's no hurry.

Rachel: (8)...........................................(I / correct) the last bit of the letter. I've nearly finished.
Ex. 2. Complete the conversation. Choose the correct form of the verb.

Emma: Hi, Matthew. What do you look/are you looking at?

Matthew. Oh, hi. These are photos of me when I was a child.

Emma: Oh, look at this one. (1) I think/I’m thinking you look lovely, Matthew.

Matthew: (2) I have/I'm having some more photos here.

Emma: Look at this. Why such a big coat?

Matthew: It was my brother's. That's why (3) it didn't fit/it wasn't fitting properly.

Emma: Oh, (4) I see/I'm seeing. And (5) you have/ you’re having your tea here. And in this one

(6) you think/you're thinking about something very serious.

Matthew: This is a photo of the village (7) I come/I'm coming from.

Emma: Oh, that's nice.

Matthew: And 1 caught this fish, look. (8) It weighed/ was weighing about half a kilo.

Emma: What a nice little boy! And what a sentimental old thing you are now!

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